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Do you have to get rid of all your possessions if you want a minimalist home?

Have you ever wondered, while looking at beautiful minimalist homes, where those home owners keep their stuff? Or if they have any stuff at all? Or if these homes are just for magazines as they don't even look like someone is living there?

Well, let's differentiate two things first of all.

There is minimalism and there is a minimalist interior design style.

While they have some common principals, they aren't the same thing! So, if you love the sleek, modern, elegant look of a minimalist style home, I have good news! You can have it, even if you own lots of stuff. Even if you have children! (Although they make most things a bit more difficult aren't they! 😁)

By applying certain interior design principles you can create a space that feels clean and organized, despite the abundance of items.

dark blue wall in contemporary bedroom with some feminine touches and soft fabrics

Effective storage solutions

Investing in effective storage solutions is a game-changer. Closed storage, like cabinets and drawers, became my allies in concealing belongings and maintaining a clutter-free appearance. Furniture with clean lines and handle-less design take centre stage, replacing ornate pieces with a more straightforward and timeless design.

The minimalist colour palette

Now, when we talk about minimalist home's colour scheme, the suggestion is always to adopt a neutral colour palette. Whites, greys, and beiges becomes the backdrop, imparting a sense of simplicity and cohesiveness to the entire space.

In my opinion, however - an in my designs, as well, - I encourage the use of colours, when it is desired. It is important to inject colours in our every day life, and if they are used correctly, they will absolutely not take away from a calming, elegant, minimalist look.

If you haven't yet, I recommend you read my recent blog post

You can use a muted tone of any colour you like, use it on all walls, and perhaps even on the ceiling, for a unified, calming feel.

***Did you know?*** Despite popular beliefs, monochrome does not mean black and white! Monochrome means varying tones of only one colour. Any colour!

emerald green wall in contemporary bedroom

Visual flow

Creating visual flow in the arrangement of furniture and décor is crucial. Avoid overcrowding and make deliberate effort to incorporate negative space, allowing areas of the home to "breathe" without excessive decoration. Have you been struggling with how to decorate an empty wall in your home?

I can give you so many ideas! But I will give you this one: leave it empty! Perhaps, place a large plant in front of it, and you are done!

The rotation of décor items can be your strategy to keep the space fresh if you would still love to display sentimental pieces.


Remember, the key is to find a balance between having the items you need and love, and maintaining a clean, uncluttered look. Consistency in design choices and a mindful approach to what you bring into your space can help you achieve a minimalist style even with a significant number of possessions.

Drop your thoughts in the comments below and let's start a conversation. Have you always loved minimalist interiors? Are you open to them now?

Your insights and ideas are always welcome! 😊🏡✨

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