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I was a daydreamer child. I was always dreaming of beautiful homes and beautiful clothes as a little girl since I could remember. Yet, first I got a masters degree in civil engineering and started designing structural steel and concrete buildings in my 20's. Creative? Well..... not so much. I loved my job but I was craving some creativity and I experienced my first burnout when I was 30. I took a career break and suddenly it all become clear, I wanted to follow my passion and enrolled into an interior designer course.

So, you may think it all began then, but even though I qualified in 2010 and started working with my first clients, I went back to the construction industry and considered interior design as my paid hobby.

My career in the construction industry was really promising and it took off very fast when I moved to London in 2013. I got to work on amazing developments as a commercial manager and was living my best life in the City. To improve myself further, I went back to uni, and studied economics this time. I had big plans in the corporate world! Until I didn't. The combination of another burnout and my great confidence as a manager drove me to take the leap and start my own business in interior design, providing project management solutions in-house for busy professionals who didn't have the time or skill set to manage a complete renovation or new build. I now combine my unique design vision with practical management skills to deliver amazing spaces while you can do what you do best.  


I see potential in every space and my obsession is to make a transformation unimaginable. I don't just style, I design. For you and your lifestyle in mind. While fulfilling your brief and making your dream come true, I will work to give you something truly special, above and beyond your expectations.

I specialise in sophisticated and elegant contemporary interiors with a hint of modern and industrial touch and a bit of glamour.   I love combining rough, exposed structural elements and finishes with fine lines, beautiful craftsmanship, soft textures and contemporary art to create a special space for you with a unique and indulging atmosphere.

I live in London and spend most of my spare time in Budapest. I moved houses many many times in my life. My friends used to say I move just so I can decorate yet another home. It might be true! Decorating a tiny shoebox bedroom on Portobello Road or injecting personality to a brand new (and very white!) luxury apartment near the Thames are the same challenges for me!


I love plants, books, beach holidays, rooftop terrace bars and cocktails with chilli!

I value honesty, integrity, professionalism and kindness.

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Design and manage your renovation project step by step from the first idea to the moving in date.