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Our clients said...

London NW5

I decided to hire an interior designer for my new build 2 bedroom flat when I realized that although I know what I like, I find it difficult putting all the elements together in a space to create the final results - there’s just too much to consider. I also work full time and am quite time poor.

I interviewed about 10 interior designers and clicked with Agnes instantly as she really listened to my needs in terms of artistic style and functionality, and she’s very patient working with me on every single detail of the design.

I hired Agnes for the full decor and furnishing, the project took about 4-5 months in total - from the first visit to a few iterations of the design, to hiring contractors, to procurement and implementation. Her engineer background provided a lot of creative solutions for my storage needs, while making sure the style is coherent but also varies from room to room. On a personal level she’s absolutely pleasant to work with, and I really appreciate that she pushed me out of my comfort zone on some aspects of the design which turned out to be great and also respected some elements I insisted on.

I would highly recommend Agnes to anyone looking to furnish or decorate their home, I already made a pact with her to do my next house (hopefully in the very near future!)

Kata, Birmingham

I contacted Agi to help me with the interior design of my kitchen/diner and living room in my newly purchased property.
My budget was limited but she still managed to create a unique and gorgeous interior for me. She saved me a lot of hassle of looking for ideas and products and wasting time in shops and buying the wrong item that might look good in the shop but does not really suit my space/taste.
She introduced me to suppliers I would have probably never come across by a simple google search. She completely understood my requirements and was happy to adapt her ideas when it was needed. The end result is something that I am extremely proud of and that my visitors won't come across in any other homes. I highly recommend Agi for anyone who needs fresh ideas.

Marisa, London W6

For my project, Agnes was a dream come true. She ‘got’ me and the project (refurb of of one bed flat) pretty quickly. At a time when others were offering remote consults she understood that the project required in-person visits, measurements and several meetings to get the vision right.

My biggest concern was storage and as a structural engineer she helped me find clever ways to use the space wisely and tastefully. She also provided a clickable shopping list for myself and the contractor which made planning and budgeting much easier.

She pushed me out of my comfort zone with the colour scheme, but only subtly so, and the result is lovely. There are still a few things to finish up though no fault of hers - my contractors! However, already the result is stunning without looking ‘designed’. I love it and I wish everyone I worked with was like Agnes. She is creative, reliable, contactable, honest and a good listener; producing high impact, high quality results.

I highly recommend Agnes 

Zoe, Hampshire

We are renovating our house and I was nervous about making big decisions like what floors, doors, windows, colour schemes, lights to pick, the list was long. Agnes and I had one zoom call and she just ‘got’ me. I loved all her ideas and she is super helpful on also finding the right products for you within your budget. She made me feel so much more confident about my choices. Since having my initial call I’ve also asked Agnes to help me out with my new kitchen ideas. She is pleasure to work with and I honestly cannot recommend her enough!

Angela, Budapest

Agi is super professional, loves her job and delivers to a high standard. It was easy and a joy working with her. She has designed the bathrooms for us, and I will choose her for any other future job as well.

Emese, MesiCake Confectionary

Creative, fast design, everything is easy to implement in practice. It’s fantastic to work with Ági because she reads your mind and she is very professional.

Zhanar Design

I worked with Agnes on one of her projects, and I would highly recommend AngelRooms Interiors for your space design. Her sense of style, taste and ability to combine the colours and textures are incredible. Agnes is also good at preparing professional technical drawings for the project. She is a professional, approachable, and highly talented interior designer.

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