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Can we live without colours in our homes?

Many homeowners decide to choose all-white walls for their safe and clean appearance when renovating their home, but what does it tell about them and what impact this choice might make on their every day life?

Wait. What? Is it wrong to have all white walls in your home?

Let's have a look at what you may be missing and what you could gain if you explore your colour preferences and choose to come out of your comfort zone of white!

dark blue wall in contemporary bedroom with some feminine touches and soft fabrics

First and foremost: there is really nothing wrong with white walls.

In fact there is nothing wrong with all white interiors, either.

Let me tell you a secret, though, they only feel great when there is an abundance of natural light to bounce around.

You also have to choose the right shade of whites for your space. (And there is A LOT of different white shades!)

In most homes, especially in the UK, we don't have the luxury of lots of light. And don't get tricked by all white interiors looking AMAZING on photographs! Professional interior photography uses plenty of artificial light to get the shot right - these spaces do not look like how you will experience them on a dull October day.

Ok, now, let's get on with whether or not we can live without colours in our homes, shall we?

Colours provide a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere

Colours breathe life into our homes, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. When we incorporate colours, we infuse our living spaces with personality and energy, making them more inviting and visually engaging.

emerald green wall in contemporary bedroom

Express individuality

The use of colour allows us to express our unique personalities and preferences. It's a means of making our homes a true reflection of who we are. Opting for an all-white interior, while safe, can limit our ability to showcase our individuality.

This is probably the biggest reason people are afraid to choose colours - they don't want tot get it wrong, or send a message about themselves that might not be accepted by others.

Yeah, we have all seen a bright red wall gone wrong, haven't we. This does not mean you shouldn't use red colours in your home. It means you need some expert help to bring a scheme together.

Emotional impact

Colours have a profound impact on our emotions and well-being.

Warm tones can evoke feelings of comfort and cosiness, while cool shades promote relaxation. By incorporating a variety of colours, we can create an environment that positively influences our mood and mental state.

Just as I mentioned earlier, on a dull October day, you may actually want some nice, warm, calming or even happy colours on your walls! White walls without light will just look grey and dull.

Creativity and personal connection

Colours foster creativity and personal connection. They inspire us and offer a canvas for self-expression. An all-white interior, although minimalistic, might inadvertently stifle our creative urges and limit our personal connection to our living spaces.


While all-white walls can provide a safe and clean aesthetic, it's essential to recognise the vitality of living with colours in our homes. Colours breathe life into our spaces, express our personalities, and influence our emotions and creativity.

So, consider embracing a diverse palette in your home to make it truly your own and a place that speaks to your heart.

So many of my clients started out with a request for neutral colour palette, just find out (about themselves) that they are the happiest when surrounded by certain colours.

What do you think about white walls?

I would love to know! Let me know in the comments!

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They tell you how to think about colours in your home, but if you still feel unsure, just get in touch with me!


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