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Part 4 - All you need to know about bedroom lighting (10 essentials of a perfect stylish bedroom)

There are so many factors to consider when arranging a bedroom, sometimes we get lost where to even start the design.

What makes a bedroom stylish?

How to make our bedroom functional and beautiful at the same time?

What are the essential elements of a bedroom design when we have limited space?

These are all the most asked questions and I will answer them all for you!

contemporary bedroom in grey brown and white colour palette

This post is the continuation of a "series", as I just have so much to talk about bedrooms! Bedrooms are possibly the most important spaces in our home and yet we so often neglect them when it comes to decorate our home.

If you haven't seen Part 1 - 3 yet, you can easily read them by clicking their titles below:

Table of content

  1. The best bedroom layouts

  2. The hero of your bedroom - The bed!

  3. Bedroom storage essentials

  4. Wall coverings in a stylish bedroom

  5. The ceiling of your bedroom

Part 4 - this post: All you need to know about bedroom lighting

Part 5 and 6 - coming next week

  • Artwork in your bedroom to add personality

  • Get the mood right in your bedroom

Let's get started

Whether your bedroom lighting is out of date and needs an update or you are designing it from scratch, these tips will equally be useful for you.

Lighting can make a big difference to the atmosphere of a room—whether you're trying to set the mood for romance or want something cozy and relaxing for sleeping. Here are some tips and tricks that'll help you make your bedroom feel as magical as Sleeping Beauty's castle.

The right lighting can change the mood and atmosphere of a room, and you want your bedroom to feel warm, inviting and relaxing.

You want your bedroom to feel warm and inviting, so make sure you have the right lighting.

To create a relaxing atmosphere, consider adding dimmer switches or lights that are on an automated timer. These features will help set the mood for romance in your bedroom by lowering the lights when it’s time for bedtime, or turning on automatically at nightfall.

You can also adjust colour settings using LED lights, which will create different feelings depending on what colour they emit.

If you are rewiring or installing a new lighting system, consider installing two way switches and install them near the bed and the door so you can turn on and off whichever light you want from the comfort of your bed.

Funny story:

One of my clients in the early days was a difficult one. He seemed to not like anything but could not tell what he likes. Anyhow, as he said he loves reading books in bed, I suggested we install switches near the bedside table that will allow him to turn on and off all the lights in the bedroom while lying in bed. Again, he was hesitant, saying he had been living without this option for so long, he could live without it. Ok, I get it! But, why would you, if the whole flat is getting rewired. In the end, he went for it. A few month later when he had the chance living in his new home, I went to take photographs and asked him, what he liked the most in the flat. He said he loved the switches near the bed the most! LOL!! I mean... what does it say about my design over all, I am not sure, haha. It just shows you that a tiny bit of consideration can make a world of difference though, so do not underestimate seemingly insignificant details!

One good way to do this is to layer your lighting, with a combination of task, accent, and ambient lighting.

Layering your lighting means that you're combining different types of lights together.

For example, one good way to do this is to layer your lighting with a combination of task, accent, and ambient lighting.

Task lighting is the kind of light you use for reading or working on something. Its main feature usually is that is directed or can be directed where it needs to go.

Accent lighting can add colour or drama—it doesn't need to be bright, just enough so that it makes an impact without being overwhelming in that room's space.

Ambient light creates an overall glow in the space so that you don't feel like everything is dark (unless you want it to be).

You can also create layers by using floor lamps instead of overhead lights; this will provide more flexible placement options and doubles up as a decorative piece.

Table lamps are a great way to add accent lighting. To find one that's right for you, consider the height of the table and the lampshade.

The height and size of your table lamp are important. Pay attention to proportions. It should not be to small or it doesn't give enough light an will also be a bit lost on your bedside table. If it is too tall you might bump it over time to time. If the base of it is too big, you may not have much space for anything else on your bedside table.

For a space saving (and currently very fashionable) option consider placing a lower-hanging fixture or a wall mounted lamp above your bedside table.

If you're dealing with lack of space in your bedroom, try using wall sconces to light around the perimeter of your room instead of larger lamps that take up valuable surface space.

If you're dealing with lack of space in your bedroom, try using wall sconces to light around the perimeter of your room instead of larger lamps that take up valuable surface space. Wall sconces are great for adding light without taking up much room, and they come in a wide variety of styles that can fit any taste.

They often require hard wiring so, if you like this look, it needs to be consider early on.

Even if you adding extra connection for wall lamps isn't an option for you, not all is lost, there are more and more options on the market for stylish plug-in wall lamps, so you don't have to compromise!

Simply fix it to the wall and plug it into your existing socket. Done!

Image: Dusk Lights

Lighting is an easy way to improve any room's ambiance; think about adjusting yours for your feelings.

It can change the mood: You probably already know that lighting can affect your mood, but did you know that it can also alter the way a room feels? A soft glow from candles or lanterns will make a space feel warm and inviting, while recessed lighting will create drama and create an overall sense of elegance.

It creates intimacy: The right light can help you feel more intimate with those around you—and even yourself! Consider dimming the lights when having a conversation with someone special on a date night at home or cuddling up on the couch together in front of some Netflix.

It creates drama: Mood lighting doesn't have to be limited to just romantic evenings; it's also great for creating dramatic scenes that look beautiful when photographed (especially if they're Instagram-worthy). If you're looking for something unique without spending too much money, try illuminating your space with white Christmas lights strung across open windows. I love a good (well... crazy...) amount of fairy lights in my home. :D

Don't forget candles

Although we no longer use candles as primary light source, they absolutely have their prime place in our lives and especially in bedrooms.

Even researches found that the warmth of the candle light and the movement of its fire has a calming effect and lowers blood pressure.

No wonder we feel the most relaxed in front of a fire place or near a bonfire in the great outdoors.

If you haven't yet, try lighting a couple before bedtime and wait what happens :)


Lighting can be an easy way to improve your bedroom's ambiance, and it has a lot of potential. No matter what kind of space you have, there are ways to make it feel more inviting and relaxing with the right lighting plan. Think about how you want your room to feel when entering it at night, then consider how different lamps or candles might help achieve those feelings in different ways. You'll find that choosing the right lighting for your room will make all the difference!

Right, that is it for now. I hope you enjoyed and learnt a thing or two! Let me know in the comments!

Don't forget! More coming next week:

  1. All you need to know about bedroom lighting

  2. Artwork in your bedroom to add personality

  3. Get the mood right in your bedroom

Relax and plan ahead,

Until later, Agi

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