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10 essentials to consider to create a perfect stylish bedroom - Part 2

There are so many factors to consider when arranging a bedroom, sometimes we get lost where to even start the design.

What makes a bedroom stylish?

How to make our bedroom functional and beautiful at the same time?

What are the essential elements of a bedroom design when we have limited space?

These are all the most asked questions and I will answer them all for you!

This post is the continuation of a two parts "series", as I just have so much to talk about bedrooms! Bedrooms are possibly the most important spaces in our home and yet we so often neglect them when it comes to decorate our home.

If you haven't seen Part 1 yet, read it now (or after this one :))

Table of content

Part 1 - the previous post

  1. The best bedroom layouts

  2. The hero of your bedroom - The bed!

  3. Bedroom storage essentials

  4. Wall coverings in a stylish bedroom

  5. The ceiling of your bedroom

Part 2 - this post

Part 3 - coming next week

  1. How to dress your bed to create a stylish bedroom

  2. All you need to know about bedroom lighting

  3. Artwork in your bedroom to add personality

  4. Get the mood right in your bedroom

1. Stylish window treatments for your bedroom

Window treatments in the bedroom have an important role! They need to keep the light out for a good night sleep. But there is so many different types to choose from, so what would be best for you and what is appropriate to the style of your bedroom isn't an easy choice.

Let's have a look at the main types of window treatments we can choose from for a stylish bedroom.

1. Curtains

Needless to say, curtains are the most popular and widely used window treatments and it is for a good reason! The fabric choices are endless and they can be coordinated with all other soft furnishing in the room - cushions, upholstery - and therefore helps creating a cohesive look.

The use of the different fabrics can also soften up the feel of the space and in bedrooms that is obviously very important.

Not only the choice of fabric is unlimited these days, but the way you hang the curtains can give you even more to think about.

How to specify your curtain rods / curtain tracks I will cover in a whole separate blog post, but let's have a look at your options for your curtain headings.

I will be honest with you, there are even more to choose from! :D However, the below is a very good starting point here.

For more traditional look choose pinch pleat or goblet, for more modern / contemporary look choose ripple fold or inverted pleat. Make sure you have decided on the curtain rod / track beforehand as not all curtain head can be used with all types of hanging options.

2. Shutters

Wooden shutters are very versatile, they can be used in bedrooms of any style. Be brave to look beyond the traditional white or natural oak shutters and make it a cool feature of the room.

image source: Thomas Sanderson

3. Roller blinds

I am personally not a huge fan of them in most cases, but they can be very practical. They can also come motorised which makes them perfect for large floor to ceiling windows in a minimal style home. They don't, however, provide you with a soft look, so be careful - and very clear - about what feeling you are trying to achieve in your bedroom.

Most fabrics that are used for curtains can be mad into roller blinds, so you have a lot of choices, but because of what I said before I would use them in a more minimalistic style therefore I would choose a plain, textured fabric.

Roller blinds can be made from plastic, and other materials, as well, which makes them easy to move, maintain and clean.

Image: Blinds 2 Go

4. Roman blinds

Roman blinds are my personal favourite! They look smart, sophisticated, they can be sheer or made with blackout lining, the fabric choices are unlimited and they can be used in any style. What not to like?

Because of their special moving structure built into the fabric they are a bit more expensive than other blinds but they are a perfect alternative to curtains. They require less fabric than curtains but their fabric can be the same, the pretty folds their create when pulled up partly or fully give a nice, soft feeling.

You can also combined them with curtains which would really elevate your room. Sheer curtains with blackout blinds or sheer blinds with black out curtains are equally great options.

Image: GP & J Baker

5. Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are also very versatile and can be matched with many styles. The simple white lamellas will look great in any minimalist interior while the ones made with wood lamellas will look awesome in Scandinavian style homes or even farm house / cottage style bedrooms.

The lamellas can also be made from plastic that is very lightweight and therefore supports a modern, airy look, however they would look rather cold and out of space in bedrooms, so I don't recommend them there.

Venetian blinds are quite affordable, so if price is priority, they are worth a look.

6. Roller shutters

This is not actually a window dressing, as it is fixed outside in front of the window, wanted to show you anyways. If you are after a modern, minimal, contemporary look, you probably want to learn a bit more about roller shutters.

Although it is not as widely used in the UK as in mainland Europe, they are great for many reasons. You can keep out ALL the light! There is no better options out there if you want to sleep in pitch dark any time during the day.

They come motorised or manual, plastic or aluminium, can be made of insulated lamellas in which case they even keep cold or hot temperature out of the house. They also come in any colours you want, so there is no limitation whatsoever.

That is it for now, I hope you enjoyed and learnt a thing or two! Let me know in the comments!

Don't forget! More coming next week:

  1. How to dress your bed to create a stylish bedroom

  2. All you need to know about bedroom lighting

  3. Artwork in your bedroom to add personality

  4. Get the mood right in your bedroom

Relax and plan ahead,

Until later, Agi

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