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What is full service interior design? Is it just exactly what is best for you?

Updated: May 13, 2022

Full service interior design is a comprehensive package of services that saves you time, money and frustration all at once.

Sounds like a dream? I bet.

So let me walk you through how it works and how it is different from other interior design services.

Table of content (so you can jump to what interests you most :))

1. What is full service interior design?

The short and simple definition is that full service interior design involves an interior designer (depending on the project it is often a design team) managing your entire project, from initial concept through installation to magazine-worthy finishing touches.

The are major benefits of full service interior design, the main ones are:

  • you save money

  • you save time

  • you save all the stress and frustration

  • the end result will be of a high standard as all the tiny details are taken care of throughout the project

Now, the design fee will, of course, reflect all the great benefits, so I recommend a careful consideration whether or not this is the most suitable for you and your project.

I will help you decide, so read on, or skip to this bit straight away.

2. How does full service interior design compares to other interior design services (like e-design, for example)

In the past years the popularity of online services increased rapidly. Interior design is such a personal service that 12 years ago, when I started working with my first clients, I wouldn't even imagine working the way we work today. But the change was inevitable in the interior design industry, as well, and now you can get a room designed completely remotely for a few hundred pounds.

So how do I compete with those designers?

I don't.

While e-design service (or other, fix packaged services) made interior design services - previously considered luxury - affordable for a lot more people, certain clients and - most importantly - certain projects just simply cannot be executed this way.

My "magic power" is in the details, in the analysis of a budget, managing trade accounts, scheduling and organising tasks, processes and orders, problem solving, handling difficult situations and making sure that the end result is perfection. Some tradesmen may call me difficult :D, or even a pain in the ***, as I do not compromise on value or the design that my clients fell in love with. I used to work on building sited with over 200 men, so I know how to talk to them so that they listen!

In this table I listed out the most common services that a project require and compared the scope of set interior design packages vs full service interior design.

Over and above the scope listed above in whole renovation project there is A LOT MORE going on. I can handle ALL OF THOSE for you, as well. What might they be? Have a look here.

3. Who is it for? The main characteristics of clients and projects that would benefit from full service interior design

The project is complex

A complex project can include one room or a whole house.

The minute it requires more than one trade, it quickly becomes complex. Image you decided to completely remodel your guest room for when important guests are expected. It is likely that you will need an electrician and a decorator. It is more likely that you will need a handyman and/or a carpenter, as well, on top of the other trades. So now, you will have to tell each of them when to come, when to come back, what they need to do, and you need to know how their works are co-ordinated with one another. Failing to know that, they will require more visits than necessary and it will take longer and becomes more expensive.

Now apply the above principles to a whole house remodel or a complete renovation with other consultants, designers and a lot more trade involved.

Ready for it? You don't have to. Contact me for a free discovery call and let me help you get planning ahead.

You are busy

I think this doesn't need a lot of explanation. We all lead a super busy life in this modern day living. We hardly have time to catch up with friends and family and taking time out of work or our businesses can cost a fortune.

Most people underestimate how long an interior design project takes but if you read the above paragraph you may have started to feel a but more conscious about it.

Make sure you plan ahead, consider the opportunity cost of your time. A professional can do it much quicker for you while you can focus on what you need/like to do instead.

The project requires a high standard

I am perfectionist. For me every project requires a high standard, I just cannot do something sub-standard. Like... physically... I cannot finish a project unless all details are perfect and according to design.

Even if you aren't like me, why would you spend a lot of money on something that is not perfect.

A higher standard not necessarily mean higher cost but rather the consideration of and attention to every detail.

Height of skirting board, colour of the light switch, tiling cut aesthetically?

A fixed scope design package just cannot do this for you. Why? Because it immediately becomes a full service design.

You want to hire experts

Chances are you are an expert in what you do and that is why you do it. You then know that things can always be done in both ways. The DIY way and the expert way.

The DIY way can be fun but it takes longer (see "you are busy" above) and the quality will be compromised (see "project requires a high standard" above).

Remodelling, renovating, designing is a combination of a lot skills and it is very likely that these skills are different from what you have.

When you are prepared to spend a lot of your hard earned money you want to spend it wisely and not learn "on the job".

You see the value of your investment

No secrets here — full service interior design is a financial investment. I am convinced that it’s also an investment in your home’s value, your quality of life, and yourself.

My advice to you is to either wait until you have the funds to invest in the home design you want versus assembling it piecemeal, room by room, pieces by pieces.

Another clever option is to factor in the cost of interior design and furnishings when you’re buying a home, so that you can start really enjoying it (and showing it off!) sooner rather than later!

If you want to live in your dream home, you will almost always have to renovate to an extent, so keep an open mind about less desirable properties with great potential. You can get them cheaper and spend the money on a personalised design.

The project is of high value

This one is a bit like my thoughts on the "want to hire experts" above. If you are about to spend a small fortune on your dream home, you better keep a close eye on where it goes.

These things go hand in hand: you want high standard - you will spend money - you need an expert to make the most out of it - you will see the return on your investment - end so on.

Now, managing a project commercially isn't quite part of a full service interior design. But it is in mine!

Earlier in my career I was commercially managing 10 -30 million GBP building projects and it is a great expertise to have, for sure. I can absolutely see the benefit of hiring a professional commercial manager (sometimes simply called a quantity surveyor, but it is more than that) if you are planning to spend over £150k as the savings you make will cover or exceed the cost of it and you will always be informed about your budget changes so you can sleep like a baby!!

You want to see what sort of projects I managed in my "previous life"? Have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

You are in it for the end result

I will be honest with you, good full service interior design doesn’t happen overnight.

While you can get a moodboard and shopping list ready for you in 2 weeks by an e-designer, you can expect the full service interior design process to take 4-6 months, longer for larger projects. This is not a downside, it is just the way it is, and means the sooner you start planning the better.

A dream home is not meant to be rushed. We really dive into who you are and what you need in your life, considering your lifestyle and personality. Everything is well thought out and designed with intention.

4. Summary

This blog post ended up a bit of a long one this time - sorry about that!

If you jumped to the end, let me summarise the most important things for you.

Investing in full service interior design mean you hire experts who will deliver a considerate, thoughtful design specifically for you while you don't have to lift a finger. You can get on with your life, run your business, go on holidays, do what you like, everything is taken care of. The end result will be beautiful, functional, comfortable, unique, well worth the value of your investment.

It takes time to deliver full service interior design, so get in touch as soon as the idea conceived, so you can start the process comfortably and confidently.

Relax and plan ahead,

Until later, Agi

If you have an upcoming project, send me the basics to receive my Welcome Pack and a link to my calendar to book in your free "Discovery Call"

PS. specifying every details in your home can be overwhelming. If you have a list of questions you are going around circles with, book a call with me and let's answer them together.

If you need the the most recent prices of build cost, furniture, accessories, or advice on how to manage your renovation project by yourself, download your free guide here.


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