Turn Key Solution
Design + Project Management


Turn key interior design and project management is our signature service.

This is for you if you are planning to invest in a large scale project such as renovation, building extension or new build. Over and above everything we provide in our Full Service Interior Design, we also offer a large selection of services that allow you to keep track of all the various trades, expenses, timeline, contracts, changes without doing it all by yourself. We help you get through this stressful time with ease and peace of mind, so you can focus on your own business, work, family or social life, or go on a holiday and return back to your stylish new piece of heaven.

What can we do for you:

If this all sounds very overwhelming, contact us and let us help clarifying things for you.

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Buy the end of the course you will have your renovation plan created, contractors and consultants selected, and have all the resources to manage your project and keep control over your budget.

Full Service Interior Design


Our full service interior design provides you with everything you need to achieve a stylish, functional and comfortable space. If you haven't worked with a designer before you may be wondering what this exactly mean and what the process is, so please have a look at the below explanation and timeline. If you have remaining questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Design Consultation

The consultation takes place in your home where we discuss your expectations, problems, vision and discover possibilities and potential.
It is also a great opportunity to get to know each other and see if we can joyfully and successfully work together.


Fee Proposal & Contract

Based on the agreed scope of works we are able to give you our fee proposal and an estimated budget. These will be appended to a customized Letter of Agreement for your project. Once this legal document is signed and a retainer is received we begin the Research & Concept Design phase for your project.


Research & Concept

We’ll meet again to discuss your project in depth. We dig deep down to find your likes and dislikes and your unique style, as well as all the solutions to practical and functional challenges. We’ll create floorplans, elevation drawings and lighting plans. We’ll source proposed finishes, fixtures, and furnishings for your home and present you with the new vision.


Design Presentation

We’ll present you with the reimagined space illustrated with drawings, images, fabric swatches, and finish samples. Revisions and amendments will be carried out, resourcing and fine tuning will be done to ensure you are completely happy with your final design. Large projects may require a series of phased presentations.



As the full design is approved, we will start the ordering process and manage the process of order, confirmation and delivery. We will be on hand to make any decisions required during your project should items be out of stock and need reselecting or other unforeseen circumstances, allowing you to relax and have a stress-free renovation.


Styling & Reveal

After construction is completed, fixtures and furnishing are installed, we’ll source and bring accessories and add the finishing touches to your home to complete the transformation and provide you with a memorable big reveal moment. We’ll ask you to allow us a day to photograph your home for our portfolio.

If you would like us to manage the entire project for you, you can also opt for our turn key solutions. Have a look what more we can do for you here


Design Consultation


Our work together always starts with a design consultation, but we also provide this service on its own and experience shows that our clients learn a lot during this time. 

This is a good opportunity to have some guidance and bounce around ideas with a professional when you are planning and researching for your future project or you are preparing to redecorate yourself but need some reassurance that your direction is right.

If you are planning a renovation or a new build, this two-hour meeting in your home will be the beginning of our journey together. We will discuss your wishes, our recommendations and establish the scope of works to be able to propose our design fee and budget estimates for you.

Two hour design consultation in your home is £450
Contact us to arrange a suitable time.

Alternatively, book your 90 minutes online consultation below.