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Colour psychology that makes you happy in your home

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

How do you feel when you get home after a long day? Do you feel like it is the best place to be at the end of the day? Do you love your home? Do you often think it would be good to have one of those magical places people post on Instagram and Pinterest? What do you love about? What do you miss?

Ok, so that was a lot of questions!

So, what if I tell you, that the colours used in your home are far more important than anything else. Yes, we need a functional home where we can relax, eat, sleep, play, live and we all want it to be beautiful. And a lot of our homes are already beautiful. Or... not too bad. But our home should really make us feel good! Or make us feel somehow. Somehow good! Preferably.

Do you want to feel refreshed or energised in your living room? Or would you rather have a calming living room with neutral colours? Or blue? Do you like a moody, cozy bedroom with deep, dark colours? Or do you actually prefer your bedroom full of light and bright? These are all feelings that can be translated into colours.

Colours make us feel in different ways. We have know that for a long time. Yet, when the question arises what colour we should paint a room, we hardly ever ask the question how we want to feel in that room. Hands up if you asked this question the last time you went paint shopping!

There are companies specialised in forecasting colour trends. Panton and Dulux (just to mention the most well-known ones) publish their colour of the year every single year. They both have endless inspiration about how to use colours in different ways and what is on trend. But do you have a favourite dress or a T-shirt or a jeans that is not trendy anymore - perhaps - but you just feel so good in them they fit perfectly, they make you look your best and whenever you want to feel comfortable you reach out for them? So here is the secret! It is the same with the colours in your home! What will make you feel really good in your home is if you choose colours that make you feel the way you like feeling. And the good news is that it is not at all a compromise between "trendy" and "feel good". The secret is that you need to decide first, how you want to feel at certain rooms. This means, whatever the trend is, and whether your home is perfect or not, you will feel good at home all the time.

Let me explain with examples:

Let's say I want a calming, soothing bedroom with full of light. I also really love blue. So this is what I am trying to achieve (or something similar):

Let's say I want an intimate, cozy bedroom where I can snuggle in with a book. I also really love blue. So this is what I am trying to achieve (or something similar):

Can you see what happened here? If you decided that you wanted blue because you love blue, how could you have gone through the process of choosing a blue paint colour? If you looked at the colour trends and they suggested that navy blue is very fashionable, but you preferred the first two images, would you feel good in your navy bedroom?

Another question: if you decided you wanted an elegant, sophisticated bedroom, which one of the four images thick that box? I believe, all of them. And does it make you want all of them? Well, probably yes, but you would still have your preference. (C'mon, let me know in the comments below!) So what's now? Well, there you go! Elegant and sophisticated is not a feeling, therefore you are struggling to choose based on that. Right?

Ok, so, now that you get it, first make it clear how you want to feel in your rooms (this could be very different from one room to another) and take it from there. And just because my favourite colours of all times is blue (which is why I picked it for my examples ;)), yours doesn't have to be, so here are some other examples of how the same colours can make you feel in different ways if applied differently. I hope you enjoy them!

In the next post about colours I will tell you about the colours of the four seasons in interiors and will find out which season(s) you are. You may be surprised! So don't forget to sign up to get it in your inbox the minute it is published.

There is another concept that makes you happy in your home, biophilic design. Have you seen the blog post about that?

Until later, x Agi


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