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What is biophilic design and why is it important for you?

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Biophilic design is becoming popular these days. Why? Is it new? Not at all. So what is biophilic design and why is everyone googling it lately?

Biophilic design has been known for a long long time. I would say, all of us have known about it but it may not have been called this way. The most amazing architects have always been mindful of the concept of connection with nature, best use of natural light, using natural material, organic shapes, and considering the location and surrounding of the building they designed.

Just think of the Fallingwater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Now, I am sure you know that!

So why is this becoming "trendy" again? Well, maybe because we have forgotten about its importance for so long, we are starting to feel the need of it. In this modern, techy world, where we spend most of our lives indoors, in open plan offices with artificial light, in front of a computer or TV, live our lives mostly online, in tiny apartments in crowded cities, we often feel stressed, tired, don't sleep enough, and we are slowly becoming less happy and less healthy. Can you relate ?

I'll tell you a secret. Biophilic design is nothing fancy. It is simply a concept that is based on the fact that most humans have an innate love of nature. Well, actually, that is exactly what the word biophilia means.

As the population of the Earth is growing fast and the built environment is taking over the natural environment more and more, we need to look for solutions that enable us to live as close to nature as possible indoors.

I live in London most of my time and when not, I live in Budapest. Both have amazing outdoor places, parks and a river in the middle of them, but when I go home, it will be in a tiny apartment in a block of flats surrounded by more blocks of flats. So yes, I am missing nature badly!

Biophilic design offers many benefits. It makes a space beautiful, yes, but let's be honest, beautiful is subjective. Regardless of your personal style, a home (or workplace for that matter) designed with biophilic principals in mind will make you happier and healthier. Fact. There are actually lots of studies and experiments and all that in workplaces, hospitals, schools where they can observe a lot of people at the same time, but I don't want to bore you with those, I would rather show you beautiful interiors! (But >>this<< is a good one to read, if you want to really dig deeper.) So just to clarify, though, biophilic design is not a style! It is a concept that can be applied to ANY style and in ANY home, no matter if you live in a country cottage or a New York skyscraper. How amazing is that??!

Here is some fact that will make you want to use this concept in your home immediately:

  • looking (and listening) to open fire (fireplace, wood burner, bonfire, etc) lowers your blood pressure

  • being in nature or just looking at it, or being surrounded by natural elements reduces cortisol levels, the stress hormone, and improve short term memory

OK, enough of talking, have a look at this little gallery to see all the amazing (and very different) places that have the concept of biophilic design applied to them. Can you see what they have in common? In the next blog post in the topic, I will analyse a few rooms for you in order to pull together a "recipe" that will help you create your own happy place.

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Until then! x Agi


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