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Part 3 - 10 essentials to consider to create a perfect stylish bedroom

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

There are so many factors to consider when arranging a bedroom, sometimes we get lost where to even start the design.

What makes a bedroom stylish?

How to make our bedroom functional and beautiful at the same time?

What are the essential elements of a bedroom design when we have limited space?

These are all the most asked questions and I will answer them all for you!

contemporary bedroom in grey brown and white colour palette

This post is the continuation of a "series", as I just have so much to talk about bedrooms! Bedrooms are possibly the most important spaces in our home and yet we so often neglect them when it comes to decorate our home.

If you haven't seen Part 1 yet, read it now or find Part 2 here

Table of content

  1. The best bedroom layouts

  2. The hero of your bedroom - The bed!

  3. Bedroom storage essentials

  4. Wall coverings in a stylish bedroom

  5. The ceiling of your bedroom

Part 3 - How to dress your bed to create a stylish bedroom - this post

Part 4 - coming next week

  1. All you need to know about bedroom lighting

  2. Artwork in your bedroom to add personality

  3. Get the mood right in your bedroom

How to dress your bed to create a stylish bedroom

First of all, this is very dependant on the style.

Some designers would always say there is no such thing as two many cushions but the actual fact is that there is!

Haha, ok, let's get serious though, and start with the practicalities first.

On your bed, you will need a sheet, a pillow and a duvet. As a minimum.

Ideally you would have some cushions and a bed spread.

In a dreamy, cozy bedroom you would also have a couple more cushions (or more pillows) and a throw or two.

So let's go have a look at these one by one.

1. Bedding and bedsheets in a stylish bedroom

Have you noticed that in all the hotels around the world the bed sheets are white? Rightly so, as you wouldn't want to wonder whether the sheets are clean or not!

Now, in your own home you know if your sheets are clean or not so you have alternative options. Three are options, however, that you would want to avoid.

A bit like the image on the right here. It's cute. It is even somewhat colour coordinated. But it's not very stylish.

Some food for thoughts:

  • If you like all white sheets, make sure they are always spotlessly clean. Change them often and get rid of them when they start to be a bit yellowish, greyish. It happens, especially on pillows, where we rub are face and hair in the fabric all the time.

  • White sheets are the easiest to co-ordinate with the rest of your bedroom décor, so a safe option, too. But, consider the above.

  • If you like patterns and colours, try choosing sheets with small, delicate pattern, and pattern that is on a white or cream base.

  • If you have a very subtle colour scheme in your bedroom, i.e. all walls white or neutral, you can opt for bolder colours and patterns on your sheets, but they will need a bit more consideration when designing a stylish bedroom.

I love the bedsheets (other all soft furnishing options for that matter!) from Zara Home, and also Dusk.

Image: Zara Home

2. Cushions

This is a controversial one... Cushions on the bed are not really essential in practical terms. If anything, they may drive your other half crazy every night when you need to carefully remove them to be able to go to sleep!

What I would say though, they are essential in a stylish bedroom. They add more texture, more layer, more colour, more pattern, and we need all those things in a cozy, stylish bedroom.

If you prefer minimalistic bedroom styles, you still benefit from them. Keep the colours subtle and to one or two variations, choose texture over patter, and use only 3 cushions, no more.

If you like a bolder look, feel free to go all the way, choose colourful, bold patterns, mix and match. just be careful, bold, maximalist interiors demand a professional eye, they are really really hard to create successfully.

The most common, most decorative cushion arrangements:

image source: HEF HOME

3. Bedspread

When I was a child making our bed meant putting all bedding away under the bed in the storage compartment. An other option was, that my great grandma used to do, is to pile up all the bedding from all the beds in the house on top of one bed and cover that with a decorative blanket. The pile was twice the size of me. Well... I was little and still petite in my adulthood, but, yeah, it was a big pile.

My sister still ask her kids to put away all their bedding under the bed as they jump and play and everything in their room.

How do you make your bed? Do you?

I hope you do. Needless to say, you cannot have a stylish bedroom without making your bed. But in our grown up bedrooms - where we don't jump and play on the bed (or do we?) - the bedding remains on the bed throughout the day. The best way to tidy up is to use a bedspread. Quick and easy!

"A bedspread is a lightweight, quilted cover used as a decorative element on your bed. They are usually the full size of the bed, able to cover everything including pillows and have enough room to drape over the edges."

You can cover the whole entire bed, including your pillows, for a simple, tidy look, or you can choose a size smaller or fold it to add another decorative layer to your bed. Remember! Don't forget to co-ordinate your cushion and sheet textiles!

4. Throw

A throw gives a bit of a luxury feeling to any bedroom. Not only yet an other layer - and we do need layers! - but it makes the bed so inviting.

It literally invites you to have a nap or curl up with a book wrapped around with a nice soft fabric.

But when not in use this way, it dresses your bed beautifully and complements your décor.

Now, listen, you can totally live without a throw. Your bedroom will still be beautiful. But... why would you? It's like not having candles on your beautiful birthday cake.

Image: Dusk

So, scroll back to the first image in this blog and identify all "ingredients" of a stylish, well dressed bed.

Right, that is it for now. I hope you enjoyed and learnt a thing or two! Let me know in the comments!

Don't forget! More coming next week:

  1. All you need to know about bedroom lighting

  2. Artwork in your bedroom to add personality

  3. Get the mood right in your bedroom

Relax and plan ahead,

Until later, Agi

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