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What is minimalist interior design style, really?

Are you imagining a simple white box of a home that has hardly any furniture in it, looks boring and unwelcoming?

In my opinion, nothing is easier than making a minimalist home look and feel luxurious!


The word is becoming one that is heard more an more often. As people are becoming overwhelmed by their own possessions, the constant pressure of buying and consuming, there is a "movement" that offers simplicity, calm and uncluttered environment, a retreat from the sensory overload of modern life.

So does that mean that a minimalist home is one that is simply functional with no decoration and nothing just to please the eye? Does that mean a home without colour and that looks almost empty?

Far from it! Let's have a look together what minimalist interior design style really means.

dark blue wall in contemporary bedroom with some feminine touches and soft fabrics

Minimalist interior design is a style characterized by simplicity, functionality, and the use of a minimal number of elements. The primary goal is to create a clean, uncluttered, and serene space that emphasizes essential elements and reduces unnecessary details. It sounds easy, but how do we achieve that? And, more importantly, how do we avoid an underwhelming white box of a home?

The first step to achieving a minimalist interior is to remove the clutter

Removing unnecessary items and keep only what is essential would be the start, but working with clients who are living a real life - and may even have children! - this is probably the hardest!

Even with the best intention to reduce the amount we own, we just have too much. And a lot of it still feel essential, don't they!?

I know from my own family life! I keep myself to the on in one out principle when it comes to ANYTING, but I have to be honest, we do have a lot of stuff, still.

So, here is what I do, when clients with plenty off stuff tell me they want a minimalist home: HIDE!

Yep! Hide EVERYTHING! In a beautiful and accessible way - as if you don't need to access something, you sure don't need them!

No open shelves, nothing on display. You can even hide TV this way!

Surfaces like countertops and tables are also kept clear of unnecessary items. This helps maintain the clean and uncluttered look that is characteristic of minimalist design.

emerald green wall in contemporary bedroom

Neutral Colour Palette (or... in my view, a calming colour palette)

Minimalist interiors often feature a neutral colour palette with shades of white, beige, grey, and earthy tones. These colours create a clean and timeless backdrop for your space, contribute to a sense of calmness.

However, as I talked about it many times in my other blog posts related to colours, the use of colour allows us to express our unique personalities and preferences. It's a means of making our homes a true reflection of who we are. Opting for an all-white interior, while safe, can limit our ability to showcase our individuality.

For this very reason, when I design minimalist interiors, I don't limit the colour choices!

I am careful, however, with pattern choices.


Every element in a minimalist space serves a purpose. Furniture and accessories are chosen for their functionality, and there is a focus on practicality.

Spaces are organized to promote efficiency and ease of use.

I believe, most of these principals should be applied to any well designed homes, but there is a subjective view on how much decoration makes a space personal and / or inviting.

Furniture and décor have clean lines and simple shapes in all of my design regardless of the style! It is just what I do anyways. Ornate or overly decorative pieces can clutter the visual landscape - so to speak. It just gets visually "busy".

These few simple and functional pieces will HAVE TO BE BEAUTIFUL! Every piece needs to be selected carefully, whether it is a sofa, a chair or a dining table, make sure they are a piece of art on their own right.

minimalist boucle sofa with dark wood leg detail

Quality over Quantity - Minimalist interiors often look luxury - here is why!

Minimalist interiors value craftsmanship and durability - and so do I! Choose items that are built to withstand the test of time, that are aging nicely. These furniture pieces can be the centre of attention in a minimalist home, so choosing wisely is essential.

Open spaces

Minimalist design often involves open floor plans and unobstructed spaces. Furniture is arranged to allow for plenty of natural light and a sense of openness.

Even smaller homes - or, should I say, especially smaller homes! - will benefit from an open layout that allows the eye to wonder farther and makes the space feel more spacious by allowing us to see the connection in between all our rooms.

Honestly, my 45 m2 Budapest apartment feel more spacious than my 80m2 semi detached house in the UK that is spread over two storeys and have LOTS of doors! That's how much open layout counts!


Overall, minimalist interior design is about creating a tranquil and functional environment by carefully selecting and arranging essential elements while eliminating unnecessary clutter.

It often reflects a philosophy that values simplicity, mindfulness, and an appreciation for the essentials.

You can still make a minimalist home very personal buy carefully selecting colours, artwork that speaks to you and furniture and décor pieces that are well crafted and beautifully detailed.

Nothing is easier than making a minimalist home look and feel luxurious!

By embracing the principles of minimalism you can craft a living space that is not only visually appealing but also fosters well-being and simplicity in your daily life.

Drop your thoughts in the comments below and let's start a conversation. Have you always loved minimalist interiors? Are you open to them now?

Your insights and ideas are always welcome! 😊🏡✨

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