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Part 5 - Artwork in your bedroom to add personality (10 essentials of a perfect stylish bed

There are so many factors to consider when arranging a bedroom, sometimes we get lost where to even start the design.

What makes a bedroom stylish?

How to make our bedroom functional and beautiful at the same time?

What are the essential elements of a bedroom design when we have limited space?

These are all the most asked questions and I will answer them all for you!

contemporary bedroom in grey brown and white colour palette

This post is the final piece of a "series", as I just have so much to talk about bedrooms! Bedrooms are possibly the most important spaces in our home and yet we so often neglect them when it comes to decorate our home.

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Table of content

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  1. The best bedroom layouts

  2. The hero of your bedroom - The bed!

  3. Bedroom storage essentials

  4. Wall coverings in a stylish bedroom

  5. The ceiling of your bedroom

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Part 5 - Artwork in your bedroom to add personality, THIS POST

Let's get started

The best way to decorate a bedroom is with plants and artwork!

In this blog post I will talk about the latter, but I have a few previous posts about decorating with plants too, so brows a bit around the blog!😉

I find it very important that you only have artwork in your home that you feel some connections to in some way or another. Otherwise you can just order some posters from IKEA and live in a show home.

Don't buy artwork just because it suits your colour scheme, buy the artwork and use the colour scheme as an inspiration.

Need a bit of help where to find artwork? Read my blog about it here.

Now let's have s look what type of artwork you can go for.

One large piece of art.

No secret, this is my personal favourite!

A large piece of art makes a statement and becomes the focal point of the entire room.

Choose one that "speaks" to you! Choose an art piece that matches your personality, your style, your bedroom decor.

When we use a large piece of art work in any room, it often becomes the starting point for the whole style and decor of that room, so if you are thinking of owning a statement piece, I recommend you choose the artwork first.

One major advantage of choosing your artwork first is that you eliminate most of the guesswork around what colour scheme you should go for. Your artwork will dictate the colour scheme and therefore you can be certain that the colours will all work together.

A gallery wall.

A gallery wall give you great opportunity to be creative and this way you can display a lot of things you like.

A gallery wall can be small or cover a whole entire wall, make sure it does not overpower your room, in a bedroom remember to keep things calm.

You can choose to use the same size and same colour frames or you can mix and match.

Unless you are going for a monochrome scheme with your artwork, pulling of a harmonious gallery wall need a bit of time and a good eye for details to make it work. Do not be put off, though, experiment!

There are many ways you can arrange artwork for a gallery wall, as well. There are rules to follow, if you want, but they are not mandatory to follow, just make you more confident that your gallery wall will look great.

Image: Etsy

A collection of personal pieces

It isn't just pictures you can hang on walls!

If you have a collection of beautiful pieces whether of the same kinds or completely random, it is a great opportunity to keep them on display. they will make you feel happy EVERY TIME you look at them. So be creative!

  • teenage memorabilia

  • kids' precious drawings

  • a lovely postcard you received

  • hats

  • mirrors

  • dried flowers in frames

  • old movie posters

The list can go on and on! Think outside the box and don't be afraid to inject your personality.

Your bedroom should be an intimate and very personal space, so now is the opportunity to make it that.


I hope you find this blog post helpful!

Just let me give you some guidelines when choosing the right artwork for your home, whatever it might be. Regardless of price, prestige or quality, you need to find connection to it to be able to enjoy it forever.

Let the artwork have a meaning instead of a self-serving decoration on your wall, that you hardly ever look at. Choose something that you would like to actively look at every day.

Right, that is it for now. I hope you enjoyed and learnt a thing or two! Let me know in the comments!

Relax and plan ahead,

Until later, Agi