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Get your home ready for Christmas! (Still time for a mini makeover...)

There is still 60 days to Christmas!

You may think it is best not to even mention the C word just yet...

Or, you just cannot wait to decorate the tree early enough!?

Have you started listening to Christmas songs and picking out presents or the thought of if makes you want to go to the Bahamas instead?

I get it!

But listen up! The secret to a stress-free, relaxing Christmas is to start getting things done early. (You don't even need to consider it getting ready for Christmas...)

Also, with two whole months yet to come, you even have time to a mini makeover of your guest room or lounge to make you proud when guest arrive!

Let's do this, have a look what can be done in the upcoming weeks that makes your life easier closer to Christmas:

1. Things to do in 2 month to Christmas

Still enough time for a mini makeover!

With two month still to go you can make some pretty significant changes to the look and feel of your home.

A mini makeover could be accomplished as quick as a weekend but if you have a larger space to redecorate it should not still not take longer than a couple of weeks.

If you are a DIY person, you don't even need to rely on trades people's schedules but for a few days job you will still be able to find a local decorator.

What a mini makeover may include:

  1. if your walls are painted, choose a striking wallpaper to hang on one or all the walls

  2. painting the room to a different colour will instantly transform any space and it is by far the cheapest transformation (How to choose your colour scheme? I'll tell you here.)

  3. replace or add more lighting fixtures - think about layering lighting options and co-ordinate the different lighting fixtures (Layered lighting? - I wrote about it here and here)

  4. buy new curtains and/or blinds that fits the new colour scheme

  5. buy new cushions (or recover the existing ones) that complements the new mood in the room

  6. any other soft furnishing can still be a great option to elevate the room: area rugs (or wood or even carpeted floors!), new bedding, throws (a lot of them for this time of the year!)

  7. to bring any room to live I always recommend adding artwork to the walls - it could be an oversized stand alone piece or a gallery wall made up of smaller items (Want to know more about artwork at home? Here are some options.)

  8. Add small pieces of furniture that complements the design but also functional: an armchair, side table, foot stools or poufs. Do watch out for delivery times to avoid disappointment!

I suggest, however, that you do not get started on more complex jobs, the ones that require a carpenter or an electrician, these would carry the risk of not being completed in time and you definitely don't need that stress.

2. Things to do in 1 month to Christmas

A tidy and clean home puts your mind at ease!

Organise to deep clean your home 4 weeks before Christmas so you can get away with just small cleaning up for the rest of the time.

Everything you will need to do to get ready for the holidays will be easier and much more relaxing in a tidy and clean home. You will find that you are more willing to bake with the kids or wrap the presents chilling with a hot chocolate or mulled wine.

3. Things to do in 3 weeks to Christmas

Is it time to decorate the tree?

In my household, it is not yet time for a tree, but it is certainly time to start decorating!

If you are team "tree on 1st December", your time has come!

Are you having a real tree or an artificial one?

I have been debating about this for years now. I have always had a real tree, or I didn't have one as I was spending Christmas elsewhere.

But in the past years I learnt a few things and now I will share my dilemmas with you:

  1. I love plants and I feel sorry for the trees to end up in the bin. this upsets me.

  2. Real trees are very expensive (even though I never bought one taller than 4.5 feet

  3. Even though I bought expensive, quality trees from the gardeners, it looked dry and sad by the big day.

  4. It makes a lot of mess, no matter if they advertise that it will not drop needles. (It will!)

If you are on my team, you won't have tree decorated until the next week, but you start with:

  1. wreaths

  2. garlands around balustrades and fire place

  3. fairly lights at various locations

  4. window decoration

  5. scented candles

4. Things to do in 2 weeks to Christmas

Wrapping presents and ginger bread decoration?

It's getting real!

Christmas songs are certainly on and the kids ask every single day, how many sleeps to go!

If you haven't done any preparations just yet, this is your last chance to pick anything that seems possible to accomplish from the above list.

If you are expecting guest for dinner or even overnight, check these:

  • Do you have enough plates and cutlery?

  • Table cloths and table décor?

  • Do you have enough pillows and bed sheets?

  • Are all the towels presentable or do you need a few new ones?

  • Have you done a list of meals that you will cook? Is there anything that can be prepared now?

5. Things to do in few days to Christmas

Review of checklists and finishing touches

By this time, I love to do nothing and just chill.

If your work allows, that is the best you can.

Eat lot's of cakes, drink hot beverages, play with the kids or curl up with your partner with a holiday movie.

Maybe a quick vacuuming the floor. But... meh... maybe not.

Right, that is it for now. I hope you enjoyed and learnt a thing or two! Let me know in the comments!

Relax and plan ahead,

Until later, Agi

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