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5 simple spring refresh ideas for your home

Spring is officially here! Well, it might not feel that way, actually, but it is March, and the days are visibly longer!

I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS get very excited about the prospect of more sunshine, being outside and I think about it almost as an opportunity to transform my life!

After curling up on the sofa with some fluffy blankets, hot chocolate and candles, now is the time to start thinking about preparing our homes for spring and summer, longer days, outdoor entertainment and lemonade! (I was tempted to say G&T but I am in my 35. week of my pregnancy, so I can't even remember when was the last time I had one!)

Preparing your home for spring can help you refresh and renew your living space after the long winter months. So, let me share with you, how I prepare my home for spring that will cost virtually nothing - in fact, you can potentially make a few quids.

1. Start by doing a deep clean of your home

This includes

  • dusting,

  • vacuuming, or rather, professional carpet cleaning

  • washing windows inside and outside

  • deep cleaning your kitchen - inside the cupboards and all your appliances

  • deep clean your bathrooms, again inside cupboards, all the shelves

  • wash or dry clean/steam clean all your curtains and upholstery

You can also consider hiring a professional cleaning service for most of these things, otherwise it can be too much. They work wonders and charge you quite reasonably. I, personally, enjoy some of these as cleaning out my living spaces does wonder to my mental health! Have you ever felt that way?

2. Refresh your décor

I know some people who just LOVE re-decorating their home (or part of it) at every change of a season!

But, honestly, the thought of that is a bit daunting.

Most of us, however, have wall colours in our homes that can be combined with a variety of home accessories to accommodate the change in vibes, so you do not have to go to the extremes of painting every room!.

I simply freshen up my living spaces by

  • bringing in some fresh spring flowers in small pots and scatter them around

  • swap out winter throw pillows and blankets for brighter ones

  • changing my candles to diffusers

You can also consider updating your curtains or rugs if they are the heavy types or darker colours. It would make quite an impact without costing an arm and a leg. You can choose some flowy drapes like linen!

3. Declutter

Now, this is my favourite! Not only will you find some long forgotten stuff that makes you happy, but you can make so much space by selling EVERYTHING you don't even remember having. If you can't be bothered with selling just donate it. The secret to a great, successful decluttering is: BE RUTHLESS! Don't be a hoarder! Even if you feel some emotional connection to some of the things, do give it away if it doesn't serve you! (Not talking about highly valued heirlooms from great grandma, but ... you will see what I mean!)

The reason decluttering is one of my favourite things to do (I do actually do it in every few months, not only a couple of times a year) as I can instantly feel giving space for new, better things to come. It makes me think more clearly, it makes every day life easier, it just simply gives us more physical space in our homes and mental space in our heads. IT FEELS GOOD!!!

So, here are some ideas what you should get through:

  • Your wallet or handbag

  • Your wardrobe

  • Your underwear drawer

  • Books you no longer want to read

  • Anything in the fridge or cupboards that's out of date

  • Old make up and toiletries

  • Unnecessary paperwork

  • Old cables and electronic junks

  • Old jewelry

  • Do a mug, pot and cutlery audit

  • Clean out your mail drawer, throw out old pens

  • Let go of your magazine pile

  • Collect all the coins around your house and put them in a nice jar

4. Prepare your outdoor space

Whether you are lucky enough to have a wonderful garden or just a tiny balcony, now is the time to make plans to make the part of your every day life again.

As you would deep clean your house, you do that to your garden, as well!

Treat your outdoor spaces as they were the extension of your indoor spaces, furnish them and decorate them accordingly:

  • Think about your existing plants and when they need a cut back/prune to give them a new life in the coming months

  • Paint your fences or balcony rails if needed

  • Check on your outdoor furniture for damage and rust and clean the cushions

  • Look into buying new plants that flower early summer, late spring, as they need to be planted very soon now

  • Add some fairy lights to your outdoor spaces

  • Think about adding outdoor soft furnishing, even an outdoor rug!!!

5. Rearrange your furniture

It doesn't have to be anything big, just moving a few pieces around can make a room feel fresh and new.

Often when we live in our home for so long we don't see how it could be used in a different way. This becomes very obvious in some cases when I visit my clients the first time and I can immediately recommend a few small changes that improves the flow of the space.

If you find that you actually use your space slightly different in the spring/summer months than in the autumn/winter month, don't be afraid to move around furniture a bit.

Worst case scenario, you move them back!

And while you are at it, you may find some long lost precious stuff under the sofa!

  • move furniture in a way to give a clear pathway to your outdoor spaces

  • think about the furniture spaces facing your fire place - would they be better included in a larger conversation setting?

  • would you benefit from furniture facing the garden view for a few month?

What makes a space feel cozy during the winter might feel a bit too enclosed during the spring and summer months, so move them apart, turn them around, let the air and light in as much as possible!


By following these few easy steps, you can get your home (and yourself!) ready for spring and enjoy a fresh start to the season.

What are you going to do first??? Let me know in the comment!

Right, that is it for now. I hope you enjoyed and learnt a thing or two!

Relax and plan ahead,

Until later, Agi

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