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5 types of beautiful wall covering ideas for a contemporary look

Updated: May 13, 2022

If you prefer sleek minimal, contemporary style in your home but afraid of it being too clinical, let me show you five beautiful ideas for wall covering - beyond paint and wallpaper

People, when renovating or decorating their home, are thinking about colours and wallpaper the most.

Rightly so, as the largest surface we decorate in our home are walls, they are simply the greatest opportunity to make an impact and show our unique style.

If you have ever tried finding the right paint colour or wallpaper by yourself you must have felt a bit lost once or twice. (Or just lost forever?) I will tell you a secret. Even for me, an interior designer doing this day in day out, the amount of choices available on the market are overwhelming.

If you prefer the more minimal and contemporary look you may actually not be a huge fan of colours and wallpaper at all. Do you know what A LOT of my clients tell me on our first discovery call? That they would prefer a minimal look but are afraid that it will be too clinical.

So how do you decorate your wall to keep a stylish and warm minimal look?

The answer is: add dimension and texture!

1. Contemporary Wall Panelling

dark wood slat wall panelling in bedroom

No secret, I am in love with the - now very popular - slat wood panelling. So much so, that I already dedicated a whole blog post solely to them. Wall panelling used on all walls of a room gives you a very unique vibe. Its texture dampens the sound resulting in a very intimate atmosphere in a bedroom. Being used on part(s) of walls can add a focal point to the room. Have a look at The Wood Veneer Hub's website for more inspiration, they have the largest selection of materials and even colours!

2. 3D cork wall

3d cork wall covering

This may look a bit unusual at first? I picked a fairly extreme 3D option for you, I admit! :) You may think these kind of wall coverings are more often seen in commercial spaces, but hey, aren't they great inspirations for all of us? Do you have a favourite bar or restaurant where you just adore the design? I have A LOT of those! In fact, I just love hanging out in and find new of these places to get inspired. But who said you can't have a cool 3D cork wall in your living room? Be brave, be unique!

3. Bespoke Joinery

3d wood panel wall covering

Well, yes, this is once again from Designer Walls - simply because they have tons of different options in one place. Designing bespoke joinery features for your home is not a cheap thing, but it well worth it. I promise, it does! They are not only wall covering, beautiful craftmanship but a work of art.

But there are so many great options to choose from for the fraction of the price of the bespoke when you opt for a modular system like the above. They are just as beautiful, tactile, warm and provide a great impact. Do you agree?

4. Stone, Metal, Concrete Sheets

rust metal sheet wall covering

Once again, I picked an example that may push boundaries a bit, but I like doing that. I met this company recently while visiting the Surface Design Show in Islington and I am pretty sure they are going to be on the top of my list of suppliers when it comes to wall coverings.

They have stone, metal, even concrete sheets so thin, 1 - 2 mm thick, that you can just apply it onto the wall with the right adhesive. Have you ever seen those concrete / brick / stone imitation wall papers? Forget that! This is REAL stuff. Can't believe? I couldn't - my own eyes! Order some samples and you will see!

5. Custom Architectural Felt

This company also appeared on my radar while visiting the Surface Design Show. (There were so many awesome suppliers it would be way to long to introduce them all.)

They design and install wall coverings from felt, and their creativity is simply mind blowing. Felt is warm, soft, nice to touch, easy to form to 3D, comes in unlimited colour variations and this company transform this otherwise traditional material in an unimaginable way.

I can imagine using their products in many many spaces, but just look at this beautiful reading nook!


I hope I showed you some awesome new stuff here and broadened your knowledge when it comes to what you can possibly choose from when decorating your walls.

Some require a bit of planning ahead, so get in touch with the supplier or your designer early. Other options are ready to be applied and you may even give it a go DIY!

I encourage you to be brave, step out your comfort zone or get someone who will push you, because - believe me - the most awesome spaces are born when you open your mind and allow yourself to dream!

I would absolutely love to here your opinion, so leave a comment below and start a conversation.

Relax and plan ahead,

Until later, Agi

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