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4 ways to use modern wall panelling in your home

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Disclaimer: this post is not in any way sponsored by the featured suppliers, I just simply love their product!

Clicking on the pictures will take you to the supplier's website. It will be well worth to look around!

I feel that these new slat wood wall panelling went viral lately on the internet. I see them literally EVERYWHERE! Don't you? Or is it one of those "if you have a hammer in your hand everything you see is a nail" situation? :D

It is true, that since I first started to see them they inspired me so much, I cannot wait to integrate them in many of my designs in many ways. On walls, on ceiling, on furniture, some bespoke product design and the list goes on. So let me share a few ways you can easily upgrade your home by using these panels.

1. Install them on full walls

Like the above picture, you can easily make an impact by installing these panels on a wall full height, full width. There are many options to choose from when it comes to colour, and not only different wood colours are on offer but you can choose from some nice colours, as well. It is much easier and cleaner to install them on the wall than a wallpaper or paint would be, so you can literally make an impactful change in an afternoon.

The so called Acupanel® from The Wood Veneer Hub has a felt backing which provide sound absorption, and therefore creates a lovely atmosphere in any room. Go for a darker shade for a moody, intimate bedroom, or a lighter shade for an airy, fresh look.

2. Install them on part of the walls to add interest

Do you want a feature wall? Now there is the time to think about something else then wallpaper and paint!

Or there is more to see on the dynamic team of Woodupp's website, if you may even want a headboard?

3. Install them on the ceiling

We often forget about our ceilings. Do you? Do we all think that the ceiling is supposed to be white? Well I don't think that, but even if it isn't white it is usually painted some light colour. Or, if a client is brave enough, they let me paint them dark. I do think some wallpaper on ceiling can make a world of difference. I love it! ...when and where it is appropriate, that is.

So how about wood panelling on the ceiling? I think it looks fabulous, and creates a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

4. Creative furniture design

I find this material so versatile. Because of the nature of if (being made of small slats) you can be very creative with it. You can clad old furniture with it, a flat pack wardrobe for example, the front of a kitchen island or you can even create hidden doors which would give the illusion of not having any furniture in the room, just simply wall covering. It remains your secret what is behind ;) Isn't that cool? Loot at this grand hallway from Amuneal

Or this cool kitchen island from Woodupp:

I hope you find the selection inspirational. The panels come in a lot of types of natural wood and they come in different colours, as well, so they can be added to any home, whatever the style is. There is even concrete effect for the most temporary looks! That is one of my favourites!

I believe this material is a perfect DIY project material, but if you are not the handy type, or want something that is very bespoke, just contact me and we will design something truly personal to you.

Until later, x Agi


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