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Our ever so popular services to property developers enable you to maximise the value of your budget while keeping everything prospective customers look for when buying a new home at the forefront of all decisions


We have decades of experience in buying and renting properties of all kinds, completing full refurbishment, optimising usage of the space and layouts of new and existing homes.

We often find that after spending significant amount of money to refurbish a home the property doesn't attract buyers or will not sell for the expected asking price. The main reason for this is that buyers look for something else. Times change and so do the expectations. People live in a different way now than they lived 5, 10 or 20 years ago. Trends also change and have a large impact on what is seen "fashionable" or even timeless. And after all, there is also practicality and function...

We encourage developers, whether small or big, to get in touch with us at an early stage of the development to make the most of what we can offer. 

  • contact us before committing to buy a property to see what we can and cannot make out of it (e.g. is it realistic to make a 3 bedroom home from the property when all prospective buyers who look for 3 bedrooms will find that all rooms ended up way to small for living)

  • we can help you optimise the space by knowing minimum and optimum requirements for certain activities, furniture, etc (e.g. leaving enough space for a dining table for the whole family and not just a breakfast bar)

  • we can advise on colour scheme that will attract most people without being dull and underwhelming

  • we will be able to provide you with tonnes of drawings that will help you through construction and that you would need to pay to someone else for, or possibly not even having one at all and try to just "wing it" on site (e.g. a well thought through bathroom tile layout will make a huge impact on the final finish even if the chosen tile is not expensive, but an expensive tile could look cheap and unprofessional when there is no symmetry or have  to face a cut line in the middle of the wall)

  • you may also benefit from our home staging service that will help buyers better imagine their home in the property and provide an instant warm feeling as they come through the front door

  • as an alternative to staging we can also provide 3D visualisation of a concept design which added to the listing photos is a great opportunity to show clients how they can make the best use of the space and also instantly attract them.


After all, the goal is to maximise return and minimise selling time!

All  services are available for developers, as well as custom packages tailored to your needs.

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