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Master Your

Dream Home Renovation

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Design and manage your renovation project step by step from the first idea to the moving in date.

Is this your first time renovating?

Or you have done it before and the thought of doing it again makes you want to you hide under the duvet?

I know how you feel!

❓You have no idea where to start

❓What should you do first and who should you talk to?

❓How to find the right contractors?

❓What consultants will you need and where do you find them?

❓You are not sure how much money you need for the works

❓You are worried about getting it wrong

❓You are afraid of overspending, delays to completion and the frustration and overwhelm

❓You just want to enjoy the home of your dreams in the end


Could you just skip the whole renovation process? 😰

Well, you could skip most of the hard bits if you pay a ton of money and hire a project manager, BUT how about if I tell you that with my help you can do it yourself! And you can even enjoy it! 🥳

By the end of the course:

✔ You are ready to start your renovation project confidently, with your project plan in place

✔ You will sign your contract with the most suitable contractor

✔ You have clarity on your budget, timeline and payment schedules

✔ You feel in control of the process, have all the resources to manage your project

✔ You know how to keep control over your budget and unexpected changes

Hi, I'm Agnes!

Here is how I know all this and why you should you listen to me!

I have a master’s degree in structural engineering and have worked on various scale projects from small residential renovations, new-build homes to really large commercial construction projects.

I started as an engineer in my early 20's, later worked as cost estimator, then quantity surveyor and commercial manager.

To this career I added an interior designer qualification in 2010 when I realised my passion about helping people live better lives in better homes.

That is my mission since I have set up my own business that provides full service interior design and renovation management for homeowners, small businesses and private property developers who realise the great value a well designed home can add to their property and, more importantly, to their every day lives.

With all the experience collected during the past 18 years I created my signature 12 step renovation process that works every time on every project.

My process focuses on setting and achieving your goals every step of the way and gives you all the tools that keeps you in control throughout the whole process.


I love plants🌱 , books 📚 , beach holidays 🏖 , rooftop terrace bars and cocktails 🍸 with chilli!

I value honesty, integrity, professionalism and kindness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s an overview of what’s inside the course and what we will do together:

Module 1: This will be the fun bit! I will walk you through the steps I take when I first meet a client who wants to transform their home. I will help you realise the potential of your property and by the end of the module you will even have your own floorplan created (in an easy and fun way)!

Module 2: Right at the beginning by the end of Module 2 you will have an initial budget outlined. This will be a great affordability check that helps you decide on the next steps. By completing this module early you will save A LOT of wasted time and headache.

Module 7: By the end of this module you will have your tender documentation completed and sent out to contractors to price. You will be in control of the tender process and know how to compare and evaluate the received quotations. You will have the best offer chosen.

Module 8: This will be a serious one as you are ready to sign a binding contract with the chosen contractor. But do not worry, I have done this many times in my life on £10M - £30M projects and I will share you what you need to look out for. By the end of this module you will confidently sign your building contract and be off to a great start.

Module 11: This module teaches you how to manage the building works, keep on top of your budget and changes, valuate the progress and approve invoices. I will provide you with templates and excel sheets so you can do this like a pro.

Module 12: All projects come to an end at last! There are some final steps to be done properly, though. By the end of the module you will have your project completed, final payments made and as-built and maintenance documents filed for future. Time to relax with your choice of drink in your new beautiful home!


Module 3: With the help of my useful templates you will create the scope of works that will be the basis of all your future communications with consultants and contractors. What do I mean? You know, when they ask, what are you planning to do? You send them your scope of works so they don’t need to guess or make up their idea of your project.

Module 4: You will find the right consultants - if you need them, and have all the information to decide whether engaging a contractor early or keep the competition open is the right way for you.

Module 5: This is when your dream home gets designed. Whether by yourself or others. This should be the most fun of the whole process as you begin to see how your home will look line in the end. That is what all this is about, after all!

Module 6: In this module we will have a look at different ways of engaging with contractors and you will decide what is the best for you. You will also find the contractors you will want to talk to about your project.

Module 9: This short module will drive you to review everything you have done so far. You will have your renovation project plan finalised, organised and you are ready to commence works on site confidently.

Module 10: All things about commencing the works in the right way, handover the site to your contractor confidently with all legal requirements and appointments in place. You are ready to start works on site!

New Home

By the end of the course:

✔ You are ready to start your renovation project confidently, with your project plan in place

✔ You will sign your contract with the most suitable contractor

✔ You have clarity on your budget, timeline and payment schedules

✔ You feel in control of the process, have all the resources to manage your project

✔ You know how to keep control over your budget and unexpected changes

Course price:


For a limited time, in the pre-launch period,

I am offering the course with a significant discount for £497!

What’s included:

  • 12 modules to walk you through the process

  • Self-paced online course with 37 pre—recorded short video lessons that are easy to action

  • Lifetime access, including all future updates to the course

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions

  • Worksheets, checklists, templates

  • When does the course start?

First access to the course is in a few weeks time and we will keep you in the loop in the meantime! Make sure to sign up to the waiting list to be the first to know about the launch date and be able to benefit from the pre-launch price! If you wish to sign up after the launch date, you can join the course any time.

  • How long is the course?

The course is self-paced and, according to the time you can spend on it, you can go through the lessons in a few days or a few weeks.

However, the course is designed in a way that allows you to work through the steps while you are actually planning, getting ready for and then managing your project. This means it will be a helping hand for you for the entire lifetime of your renovation.

  • How much time do I need to complete the course?

It is entirely up to you! I made each lesson bite-sized, so that you can make progress, even when you are short on time, without having to stop half way through. There are actions that you need to take and there are actions that involve waiting for other people (e.g. architect, contractor’s quotation). As good practice, I recommend spending a few hours a week when you are in project planning mode, and this can be less when construction works are underway.

  • How do I know if the course is good value for money?

There are two ways you can look at it:

Hiring a project manager / commercial manager will cost you anything between £250 - £600 / day for the duration of the project. (In my practice, this service is £450 a day.)

Not having a project manager / commercial manager and try to do it on your own with no extensive former experience can indirectly cost you 15 - 30% of your entire project budget. (By not knowing what to look out for, not allowing for scope gaps, not having the answers in time, not making the right decision, not controlling budget, not administering change and associated cost properly)

With the above in mind, the course saves you thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds when you are able to do the work by yourself.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

You have life-time access, including all future upgrades to the course.

  • I want my contractor to manage the project. Do I need this course then?

It is a common misconception that your contractor can manage your renovation project. While your contractor can manage the building aspect of your project and can get involved in the design, they cannot manage your commercial and financial goals. Their best interest is also different from yours - in short: they are not working on your behalf. To have a successful renovation you need to be in control over your project or you need to hire an independent consultant who works on your behalf.

  • I do renovations to sell the property with a profit. Will this work for my situation?

In this case you may have completed a few or a lot of projects in the past and have a lot of experience. If they didn’t go as expected, this course will definitely be beneficial for you. Even if they did go pretty well, I am confident that you will learn some new things from my unique approach.

  • I am planning to hire a project manager. Is there a point to do the course in my situation?

Above a certain value of investment it is strongly advised that you hire a PM and you should fully trust that they work professionally and in your best interest. If you, however, are a hands-on type of person, you may want to know what’s going on and if things are going on as they should.

  • I am an interior designer and often manage projects for homeowners. Will this course teach me to do that?

The course absolutely teaches you how to manage a project, however, it is created from a homeowner point of view. This means you would have all the resources to manage a client project but it does not tell you how to manage your relationship with the client through the project.

  • Is this an international course?

The nature of a construction project is very similar all around the world, so there is a lot to learn from it, however some aspects (e.g. Health and Safety Regulations, CDM, etc) that are briefly referred to (in Module 10) are specific to the United Kingdom.

  • Can I trust you and your expertise?

If you are looking for some external endorsement perhaps, I recommend you check my professional LinkedIn profile. I am also available for a conversation should you have any questions I may have missed to answer. Please email me to to arrange a video call.

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