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Have you ever loved a colour for your bedroom so much, but settled on a more neutral hue in the end?

Or did you decide you will just try it on one single wall - a feature wall - so it doesn't get "overwhelming"?

Or did you just choose to leave all the walls white "for now", and then never got to actually choose something you would love?

Always looking for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram and have a folder full of amazing looking interior photos - for "when you will need"?


Decision (or the lack of) about colours in our homes is proven to be one of the most difficult one. No wonder, as it has such a major impact on the overall aesthetic of our homes.

While choosing a comprehensive colour scheme, that reflects the home owners personality and lifestyle, continues to be one of my most complex tasks to do as an interior designer, there are some simple strategies and principals that I can show you that will help you make your own choices with confidence.

Are you in?

In this live workshop we will cover

Presented by Agnes Agocs Interior Designer

I have been helping people live better lives in better homes as an interior designer since 2010.

I design sophisticated contemporary interiors with a bit of difference.

Working with clients during these years, I have learnt that people often opt for safe choices, due to lack of confidence, and when I gently pushed them out of their comfort zones is when they discovered their true style and achieved an amazing result beyond their expectations.

I created this free workshop for those who would love to give it a try to get out of their comfort zone and explore their personal style with professional guidance.

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